Custom Carpentry

Doug’s Custom Carpentry is a full service company.  I can help you in finding a lot, assisting you with design ideas, drawing your plans, and most importantly helping you with decisions along the way for a pleasant “no surprises ” experience. Every client has different needs, and I can accomodate anyone and any needs that are required.

One of the keys to building a high quality home is utilizing quality sub–contractors and vendors. All of my sub–contractors are chosen for their quality, dependability, and willingness to be a team player, not for their price.

There are always less expensive materials and sub–contractors that can be used, but that will not result in a quality home or project. In order to maintain the highest quality, I personally oversee and do most of the work myself or along side the sub-contractors on every job, every day! This way, I know exactly what is happening on the job and I know the job is done right. I specialize in custom woodwork and tile so please visit the picture gallery.